Allow me a bit of GU rambling:

After the Party Time arc, I hit a massive writer’s block. Artwise, I was 17  comics into the third arc (A Fine Situation), but then I just… stopped. I fell into the paralysing “all must be perfect!” trap and couldn’t get out. So I changed course and did Conversations (the latest arc). It was never supposed to be more than a few one-off gags, but it quickly grew, and I was having fun with GU for the first time in months.

However, all plot was pushed WAY back in favor of goofy one-offs. Which means that I now have two arcs – one right after the other – which are more setup and no payoff. And then a friend told me that the whole comic was starting to feel… stalling-y. I’m still sitting on 4-5 Conversation scripts, but yeah… They’re gonna have to wait, and now we’re back on track. I’m sorry if you’ve felt unentertained these past weeks (months?).

But this is why readers are awesome. This is why I absolutely LOVE every scrap of feedback I get. So, big thanks to those who spoke up (you know who you are).

And it’s not all bad. For the first time since its first draft, I’m psyched for this new arc. Hope you’ll like it too!